Making the Holidays Even Brighter

Holiday of Lights Tours
Enjoy the Holiday lights with a chauffeur driven tour. We provide holiday music or you’re welcome to bring your own mix. The chauffeurs will show you the finest lights available in the Eastern Metro, or if you have an area you are particularly fond of, let them know. Tours start the second week of December with a two hour minimum Sunday-Thursday, 3 hours on Friday and 4 on Saturday.

New Years Eve
Celebrate New Year’s Eve with one of our chauffeurs in Total Luxury. Not to worry about parking, traffic and the ever popular blue and red lights in your rear view mirror. . Good times Take time and we prefer you get home safely. “No we won’t tuck you in” We require a 6 hour minimum so plan accordingly.

Vino in the Valley
Vino in the Valley is a unique, outdoor dining experience designed to stimulate all your senses.