Which Type of Limousine is Best for Your Next Event?

A stretch limousine is a more spacious version of a standard sedan limo and is great for business travel, weddings, proms, and more!

When you are planning an upscale event or just planning to attend one, you want to show up in style. A limo is a great idea for any event whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, or a road trip. Once you’ve decided you want to travel in a limousine, the next step is deciding which vehicle you want to use. Here are a few types of limousines to help you narrow down which is best for your next event.

Sedan Limousine

A sedan limo is your standard black limousine that you probably see most often. This is generally the cheapest option for a luxury vehicle, but it still is a great choice. It is a smaller limo compared to the other options, generally made to fit three or four people. Because of its simple, sophisticated look, it is great for airport and and business transportation. 

SUV Limousine

This type of limousine is more spacious compared to the standard sedan limo. Most of them have entertainment systems inside including TV’s and bars. SUV limousines are a great option for road trips because they have a lot of space to put your bags and luggage. With the bar built in, this is also a good option for traveling to a formal event. Enjoy your favorite show, a glass of champagne, and enjoy the ride. 

Limo Bus 

A limo bus is more commonly referred to as a party bus. These luxury vehicles are great for those who want to bring the party to the limo! You don’t even have to have a destination with a limo bus because everything you need to enjoy a night of fun is already inside. Limo buses have bathrooms, dance floors, sofas, bars, and more! They are made to hold more than 30 people and are great for your next birthday party, bachelor party, and more!

Stretch Limousine

The stretch limo resembles the sedan limo, except it has more space as the name suggests. Because it is more spacious, it is great for large parties that are traveling to events. Weddings and proms are two of the most popular events that a stretch limousine is used for. Because of the classic look, this limo is also great for business travel!

Go to our FLEET page to read more and see pictures of our luxury vehicles! 

Contact Total Transportation Today for Your Limousine Service. We are one of the most professional companies in the business. We have one of largest and most diverse selections in the upper midwest of vehicles that enable us to provide our clients with the professional and reliable service they expect and deserve. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is what makes us successful.

We provide safe, distinctive, comfortable, and reliable travel services in the Twin Cities/Rochester/St. Cloud and surrounding areas. We only hire the best drivers and perform extensive background checks before ever letting them behind the wheel. To find out more about renting a vehicle from our company, please call our office at (651)770-5668. 


While you might not think of limo/transportation service for your next business trip, it actually is one of the best investments that you (or your company) can make in ensuring that the entire trip runs smoothly. Read on to find out how we can assist! 

Limo Drivers Know Where They’re Headed

If you are attending an important meeting and not sure where you are going, you might not have time to look around or struggle to find the perfect parking spot. A limo service will ensure that you get to your business meeting or conference on time and in style. Your limo driver will know the way around traffic accidents and surprise road closures, so traveling will be a smooth and stress-free process. That will leave you more time to look over your presentation or your notes instead of fighting with other drivers!

Limo Services Are Convenient

When you have a driver taking you from destination to destination, your car is always just a call/text away. Partner with a reputable limo service like Total Transportation and you can trust that we will go above and beyond to provide you with outstanding service.

Limos Save You Time and Money

Booking a limo will actually save you time and money. Buses and public transportation are unreliable forms of transportation that might cost you deals and important business opportunities. If you hire a taxi, you also might end up spending a fortune while the taxi driver spends time with the meter running outside. Choose a limo instead to ensure you're next best business trip will be the best ever.

Choose A Total Transportation Vehicle For Your Professional Car Service!

Total Transportation is one of the most dependable and professional companies in the business. We have the upper Midwest's largest and most diverse selections of vehicles that enable us to provide our clients with the professional and reliable service they expect and deserve. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is what makes us successful.

We provide safe, professional, comfortable, and reliable travel services in the Twin Cities, Rochester, Saint Cloud, and surrounding areas. We hire professional drivers and perform extensive background checks. To find out more about hiring a vehicle for your next business trip, call our office at 651.770.5668.

Transportation/Limousine Tips for Prom Parents!

9 Ways Parents Can Prepare for Prom Night 

Prom night is quickly approaching, leaving many parents on the edge of panic trying to figure out how to best prepare their teens for their big night out. From finding the perfect dress or tux to securing reliable and safe transportation, every parent wants to make sure their teen’s night is memorable and fun — but all of the preparation that goes into prom night can feel pretty overwhelming.

Total Transportation has been serving the Twin Cities for over 30 years, and we’ve handled transportation for hundreds of proms. After more than 3 decades in business, we know a thing or two about providing consistently superior service, helping teens have an unforgettable prom night and giving parents much-needed peace of mind.

These tips will help you prepare, so you don’t spend prom night in a panic.


Your transportation provider should ALWAYS provide you with the driver’s name and contact information. But don’t stop there. Make sure you have the contact information for your teen’s prom entourage, including their parents. You may even want to get contact information for any chaperones or teachers who will be there. Having a simple list of names and phone numbers can help take the edge off.


We’re not suggesting you sit your teen down for a lecture, but it’s important to talk about the reality of prom night. Talking about everything that could go wrong isn’t fun, but it’s important that you express your thoughts and concerns, and allow your teen to do the same.

Make sure you talk about topics like underage drinking and peer pressure before prom night. Remember: it’s a conversation; not an intimidation game.


Be there to send off your teen — you’ll probably be taking pictures, anyway — and don’t go to sleep until you know they’ve made it home safely. Make sure your teen knows this.


Make certain that you have the full schedule for the evening. Know where the venue is located, what stops the vehicle will be making, when the event begins and ends, when to expect them home, and where they will be dining out beforehand, if applicable.


It’s imperative that you are available on prom night and to make sure your teen knows this. Not only will it reduce your own stress, but your teen’s stress too. It’s reassuring to know that you are there if they need you and that they can call if they need help.

Let them know that you won’t judge them or say “I told you so” if they call for help. Little things like this are the difference between feeling safe and actually being safe.


Even if you know exactly where and where your teen is going, it is crucial to know who is driving. If there is a limo or party bus involved, you have the advantage of knowing who is behind the wheel and having their contact information. One major benefit of using a transportation provider is having peace of mind knowing that your teen’s driver is fully licensed, insured, and background-checked — and if they’re not, you should probably use a different company.

If your teen is driving themselves or being driven by a friend, be honest and open about the risks that come with distracted driving and underage drinking. Although your teen may complain about you being overprotective, you’re just being realistic.


One thing that can make a big difference on prom night is to know the parents of your teen’s date and friends and to speak with all of them. Talk about an appropriate curfew and lay out the ground rules. This can really help reduce stress, and it works for all types of get-togethers — not just prom.


Remember: you’re the parent! Sure, to your teen, prom is probably the biggest night of their life. But don’t be afraid to veto any of their requests that just don’t sit well with you. It’s your responsibility to look out for their well-being, even at their expense of looking cool to their friends. Safety first is a pretty good motto, no matter the occasion.

As prom night approaches, keep these tips in mind, and you and your teen can have a safer, more enjoyable and more memorable prom night.


Let’s face it: your teen doesn’t want you to drop them and their date off at prom.

On an occasion as important as prom night, you don’t want to leave transportation to chance. Trust us: after 30+ years in business, we’ve seen it all.

Like the frantic mother who called us in a panic on the day of her daughter’s prom because the company she booked with — and paid in full! — never showed up. Luckily, we had a limo available so we were able to bail her out of her predicament. Imagine if this happened on your teen’s prom day!

Up until now, you’ve probably never had to book chauffeured transportation. A lot of companies realize this and prey on the lack of knowledge, touting super low pricing — and they end up being a scam.

Whichever company you choose for your teen’s prom night transportation, make sure you do your research. Check out online reviews and ask friends and family for recommendations.

You and your teen deserve safe, reliable transportation on prom night, as well as exceptional customer service, realistic pricing, and professionalism. Customers who book with Total Transportation can expect just that. We’re proud to have earned a reputation as one of the Twin Cities most trusted, reliable, and professional transportation providers.

Our 2018 prom packages start at $65 per person for the entire evening. However, exact pricing depends on the date of your prom, the type of vehicle and the size of your group. For more information, call us at #651-770-5668 to speak with one of our Prom Transportation Experts.


Today’s business travelers require more amenities than ever – and not for luxury, but for efficiency and productivity. When booking corporate group travel, it’s important to know if your ground transportation provider has the right vehicles, the right features, an expert driver and a killer logistics team to make your trip smooth and seamless.

Corporate group events are investments in your people and company. Booking a motor coach is also an investment, not just as a way to get your people where they need to be, but it’s also an investment in their safety, comfort and peace-of-mind to make sure they’re relaxed and ready for the event! Don’t leave this crucial piece in the hands of just anybody — let the experts handle it. The Total Motorcoach service team knows how to maximize your ROI while providing a stress-free travel option for your executives and employees.

Here are 3 ways Total Transportation motor coach service can help you out.

Constant connectivity. Gone are the days of wasted time during travel. Our executive motor coaches feature Wi-Fi connection and power outlets so passengers can stay productive on their laptops or tablets instead of draining their own data plans. We also offer an entertainment system with stereo and DVD players for those who choose to kick back and enjoy the ride.

Comfort and safety. The interior designs of our coaches vary but all offer comfortable  seats that are spaced in a way to provide maximum legroom and comfort. Motor coach interior designers  studied how  airlines and trains designed their interiors and replicated it in their design on the motor coaches.

Personalized service. They didn’t just look to top airlines for design, but also service. Our chauffeurs and logistics teams are the best at what they do, planning the complex travel plans and operating the vehicles smoothly and safely. They are available to answer any questions and provide amenities specific to your needs.


Total Transportation corporation  provides chauffeur driven car service in Mpls St Paul Rochester Duluth and over 450 cities worldwide through their network of vetted affiliates. We were awarded the limousine industry’s most prestigious award,  LCT Magazine’s Limousine Operator of the Year Award in 2011 and are proud to be nominated again this year. We take care of our  clients from door to door, catering to every conceivable need to make the time spent in our vehicles relaxing or productive, whichever our clients choose. We offer more than just limousines, luxury sedans     (BMW and Mercedes) vans, SUVs and buses; we offer a complete customer experience that is backed up by 30 years of service. Our team satisfaction guarantee.

We are driven by quality service and committed  to excellence!

2018 Prom Transportation Ideas

2018 Prom season is here! The inquiries for quotes roll in from February right up until the date of the event. Below are some suggestions we routinely offer up to prom-goers!

If you are in the market for Twin Cities prom transportation – please give us a call – we would love to be of assistance!  Additionally, please check out the 'Fleet' page of our web site(s). The one you're on now and also www.TotalMotorcoach.com. We feature pictures and descriptions of our entire fleet. This will help you navigate the sometimes complicated world of prom transportation!.

Stretch Limousines:

By far, stretch limousines are the most common form of transportation to area proms.  Ranging from 6-8 passenger models, these vehicles are popular with area students.  Look for package rates and know that most area limo companies will have a 6 hour minimum on rentals during peak season.

Party Buses/Limo Buses/Vans & Shuttles:

Looking for a way to transport more than 8 passengers in one vehicle?  Consider a party bus, a Limo Bus, or one of our Luxury Vans/Shuttles!  These bigger vehicles are amazing for pictures with your group!  Bring your favorite iTunes mix to play within and we'll also stock it with pop, water, crystal glasses, ice, and more to make it memorable! On the small end of the scale are 14 passenger models and they go up in size to 30+.  Supply is extremely limited so you’ll want to book early! 

Your Own Car:

Some students do opt to drive themselves to prom.  Pros?  You can leave whenever you want and at most, you are paying for gas.  Con?  You have to drive yourself. 


No matter how you decide to arrive at your prom, here are a few things to consider:

  • Decide early – that way if you need to reserve a vehicle, you have some options
  • Make sure everyone is on board with the decision
  • Get pictures – you will treasure them later in life
  • If you drive, put down the phone and put 100% concentration into driving – you owe it to yourself and fellow motorists
  • Party responsibly

If you are in need of a quote for prom services, please drop us an email (info@totallimo.com) or give us a call (651)-770-5668

7 Winter Wedding Dos and Don'ts. Here are our tips to make your winter wedding fabulous.

From our partners at THE KNOT: Weddings aren't just spring and summer affairs anymore. More couples are opting to marry during what used to be the off-season for nuptials—and why not? Between the romantic ambience of a snowy landscape, the relative lack of competition for vendors and sites, there's so much to love about chilly weather nuptials. Check out our top dos and don'ts for having a winter wedding

1. Don't be afraid to experiment with color.

You shouldn't feel bound to a palette of winter whites, greens and reds that traditionally surround the holiday season. Why not choose bold, bright colors and create a tropical wonderland of mango orange, key lime green or pineapple yellow? It sounds counterintuitive, but it can actually create a fun, unexpected setting for your guests.

2. Do dress your bridesmaids in style.

Throw out the old-school rules that say you have to wear certain fabrics depending on the time of year you're getting married. It's completely okay to choose a strapless dress rather than one with long sleeves or silk charmeuse rather than double-faced satin as long as it works for your wedding style and your bridesmaids are comfortable with it. Plus, you'll probably have the heat on in an indoor venue, so they'll appreciate being dressed in something a little lighter (especially when the dancing starts up!).

3. But don't allow them to freeze!

Remember, though, you can't be overly picky about what they wear when your bridesmaids are outdoors (which they will be, even if it's just to dash from the car to the ceremony venue). If you've opted for glitzy heels that could be hazardous in snow or ice, be okay with them toting along sneakers or boots to get from one place to the next. And obviously, coats are a must—in most parts of the country, it'll take more than a pashmina to ward off the winter chill.

4. Do create a cozy reception.

There are plenty of ways to make your reception an inviting space. With the sun setting early, candles will create a romantic glow right from the start of your party. To add ambience, consider bringing in lush, soft textures. Think: velvet ribbon tied around each napkin or chenille pillows and throws in a lounge area. 

5. But don't let it overheat.

We know it's cold outside but things may heat up on your dance floor. If it seems like guests are breaking a serious sweat, ask your wedding coordinator or site manager to turn the heat down a notch (or two). Another option: If there are separate thermostats for different areas of your reception space, set the one for the dance floor area a few degrees lower.

6. Do be gracious to your guests.

There are tons of winter-inspired ways you can thank your guests for joining you at your wedding. Winter- or holiday-themed favors are always favorites, like ornaments with each guest's name on them before Christmas or delectable truffles near Valentine's Day. Another option is to do a late-night snack. We love the idea of giving out hot cocoa with shortbread cookies or mulled apple cider with ginger snaps. 

7. But don't leave them out in the cold.

If you want to have a receiving line, plan ahead of time how it'll work so guests aren't left freezing outside. If your ceremony space has a large enough entryway or vestibule, you may be able to wait there and have guests greet you after the ceremony. To hold a receiving line at the reception, do it inside rather than greeting guests as they enter. That way, when the line starts to bottleneck, guests in the back aren't left waiting (and shivering) to get indoors.

Let our team of Wedding experts at Total Transportation assist you with your Winter Wedding wishes!

Call us today: 651-770-5668 or email us at info@totallimo.com


Recipe for Success: Meal Planning Insights

For events, food and beverage offerings can make a difference on how the occasion is remembered, so it’s important to get it right. By adding a cup of strategy, tablespoon of creativity and a pinch of personalization, then mixing together with the insights below, the dining experience during your event is sure to be a hit!

  1. Remember your audience – All menus should be balanced to accommodate the diverse audience, but if you know that a specific demographic is more heavily represented, the menu should reflect that.
  2. Know your numbers – Get to know the history of the past events and understand attendee habits to assist in making the best financial decisions. Events tend to lose a certain percentage of guests for meal functions because of private meetings, other commitments, or those that may have already eaten before attending.
  3. Be creative and engage with the venue – if the standard published menus don’t offer what you need for your theme or audience, don’t be afraid to ask for other options. Be up front about your budget, so the chef can best accommodate, and you can come to a decision faster.
  4. Incorporate Seasonal and Fresh items – most venues do their best to source seasonal ingredients, but it’s also important to consider the region or location of the event for popular food items in the area. By incorporating regionally grown produce or proteins to reflect the locale, it will also ensure the freshest ingredients and maybe even help keep your budget in check.
  5. Allow for a comfortable room setup and flow – choose the appropriate room layout that supports your event objectives and the scheduled meals. Always allow for people to spread out, especially if there is a presentation occurring while the meal is being served so that the notepads and pens don’t interfere with plates and glassware.
  6. Combine camaraderie with culinary education – Depending upon the format of the event, allowing attendees to create their own signature dish or cook the entire menu together. It is a fun way to get attendees on their feet, add interaction and support relationship building while creating an unforgettable meal.
  7. Consider the final presentation of food – It’s said by the best chefs that we eat with our eyes and nose before actually tasting. Whether it’s served plated or buffet, the meal should be visually colorful, fragrant and appetizing.
  8. Susie Tucker is the Director of Culinary Sales and Experience at Cooks of Crocus Hill, a culinary retailer and educator in the Twin Cities.  More about cooking classes and private culinary experiences can be found at www.CooksofCrocusHill.com

Why You Need A Chauffeured Driven Vehicle This Fall!

Fall is a favorite season for many. Some like it for the foliage, others for the weather, and countless for pumpkin spice lattes. No matter the reason for it being your favorite season, a limo can get you to where you want to be to enjoy it. 

Beer Festivals
They don’t call it “Oktoberfest” for nothing! Fall is often a time for craft breweries to feature new or specialty brews in tandem with Autumn’s equally-amber coloring. Oktoberfest at various locations throughout the Midwest which takes place in October/November is a great opportunity to get a group together and not have to worry about a designated driver. Predictable rates will ensure your group travels within your means (no more last-minute Uber or taxi rides, nor negotiating split rates). A chauffeured driven vehicle will arrive at a designated location and time for your convenience. 

Sporting Events
For sports fans, Fall is synonymous with one thing: football and hockey season. Ticket holders will feel at ease tackling gameday traffic in a vehicle that knows the best route and has the most comfortable accommodations. Whether it’s dropping you off at the tailgate or the entrance to U.S Bank Stadium, TCF Bank Stadium, Xcel Energy Center, or Target Field, you can pregame responsibly with friends and family while enjoying the cityscapes of the Twin Cities. You will be picked up after the game accordingly to avoid the mass rush to the parking lot and pricey parking fees. 

Halloween Parties
We’re just thinking ahead, but Halloween is definitely one of the most fun holidays to celebrate in the Twin Cities. An abundance of Halloween parties and themed bar crawls await you in every neighborhood. Or, are you organizing your own? Having a limo escort your group to and from the party will keep everyone together – and safe! Our drivers will work with you on a schedule that keeps pace with your event.

Fall Weddings
For over 30 years, Total Transportation has always been THE limousine company for weddings and special events in the Twin Cities. Fall is often one of the most popular seasons for weddings for the temperate weather and natural, colorful panoramas. Even if the weather doesn’t cooperate, guests can also still enjoy the festivities in the comfort of heated vehicles. We have experience coordinating with photographers and are ready to recommend spots for the perfect shot. Our drivers will have planned out the best route based on your expectations to make sure your wedding party arrives on location on time. 

Need a limo for your next fall event? Call our event experts today:  (651) 770-5668

4 Benefits Of Hiring A Chauffered Driven Vehicle

1. Safety Is a Priority
When a rental car or Uber/Lyft is used for business guests, there is always a chance that something can go wrong on the road. When you book a corporate chauffeur driven service, you know that you are in the capable hands of a licensed and experienced chauffeur. Our diverse fleet of vehicles is detailed and maintained on daily basis and there is a backup plan in effect should the unforeseen happen.

2. Luxury and Comfort
When taking out a new client or a business partner,  let’s make sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed when choosing that vehicle. Sitting shoulder to shoulder with little or no leg room is one thing; however, with Total Transportation Corporation there are many other options available that put COMFORT and LUXURY into the experience.

3. Convenience Is Key
Renting cars or hailing cabs can be very inconvenient and time-consuming.  Cabs can be hard to find, and renting a car means having to coordinate details that eventually devour more time.  Let us save you that time for your corporate travel needs by utilizing the various programs available through our reservation system.  

4. Impress Your Clients
A luxury vehicle with a professional chauffeur sends out a statement to that client, showing the importance of your meeting and them as a client. First impressions speak volumes.

Find Your Corporate Limousine At Total Transportation Corporation
Total Transportation operates one of the largest and most diverse selections of vehicles in the Midwest. This enable us to provide our clients with the professional and consistent service they expect and deserve.

We provide safe, comfortable, and reliable chauffeur driven travel services across the United States.  Extensive background checks, driving records, and training are requirements that need to be approved and passed before our chauffeurs are allowed to put on the company tie.

How to Find the Best Wedding Transportation

Finding the Best Wedding Transportation: Limos & Party Buses
Weddings can be a time of stress and hectic preparation. Whether it is an intimate gathering or a larger party, one of the things to be arranged without fail is the wedding transportation. Without this really basic arrangement, you are quite likely to find yourself being late for the ceremony or encountering a number of unforeseen glitches that might hamper the celebration of your big day!  To avoid Wedding Day nightmares, you must give the wedding transportation as much importance as the decorations and other details of the wedding. It is essential not just for your own peace of mind, but it will also make life easier for your guests and keep them happy. Our team of wedding experts will guide you to make the best choices. 

What is the Best Wedding Transportation for the Bride and Groom?
There are many options you can choose to get around on the wedding day, but most people choose our stretch limousines because of the grace and elegance that these cars can bring to the occasion. Limousines are also spacious and can accommodate a few more people if required. Our limo service for weddings is the best as we employ an experienced team of wedding experts. Our chauffeurs will come dressed in our usual professional uniform to add a touch of class to the occasion.

What is the Best Wedding Transportation for the Wedding Party?
If you have a large wedding party to accommodate, it is advisable to book a limo bus for your wedding guests to be able to travel to and fro from one venue to the other. The actual wedding service, the photo shoot, the reception, or any other special event that the couple organizes will probably take place at different locations. If this is the case, providing affordable transportation for your wedding party will be your responsibility.

It is also a nice gesture to offer the out-of-town guests transportation back to their hotels after the ceremony. Also, remember that your bridesmaids and groomsmen have made special efforts to ensure that your special day passes without a hitch. The least you can do is to offer them transportation after the ceremony to take them to the local club, or wherever else they want to chill out. This way, everyone can enjoy your wedding and there would be no need for a designated driver.

When Should I Book My Wedding Transportation?
Booking for the wedding limo service must be done around three to six months in advance to get the best wedding limo packages and to ensure that the wedding limo rental service can provide you with what you need. Since formal transportation is in high demand, this should be organized as early as possible in order not to be left despairing at the last minute.

Total Transportation has access to the largest fleet of vehicles, including limos, limo buses, vans, cars and other vehicles that you can rent for the occasion. Our team will ensure that your wedding costs will not break the bank for you.  Contact our team today:  Rachel@totallimo.com / (651-604-8910)