2018 Prom Transportation Ideas

2018 Prom season is here! The inquiries for quotes roll in from February right up until the date of the event. Below are some suggestions we routinely offer up to prom-goers!

If you are in the market for Twin Cities prom transportation – please give us a call – we would love to be of assistance!  Additionally, please check out the 'Fleet' page of our web site(s). The one you're on now and also www.TotalMotorcoach.com. We feature pictures and descriptions of our entire fleet. This will help you navigate the sometimes complicated world of prom transportation!.

Stretch Limousines:

By far, stretch limousines are the most common form of transportation to area proms.  Ranging from 6-8 passenger models, these vehicles are popular with area students.  Look for package rates and know that most area limo companies will have a 6 hour minimum on rentals during peak season.

Party Buses/Limo Buses/Vans & Shuttles:

Looking for a way to transport more than 8 passengers in one vehicle?  Consider a party bus, a Limo Bus, or one of our Luxury Vans/Shuttles!  These bigger vehicles are amazing for pictures with your group!  Bring your favorite iTunes mix to play within and we'll also stock it with pop, water, crystal glasses, ice, and more to make it memorable! On the small end of the scale are 14 passenger models and they go up in size to 30+.  Supply is extremely limited so you’ll want to book early! 

Your Own Car:

Some students do opt to drive themselves to prom.  Pros?  You can leave whenever you want and at most, you are paying for gas.  Con?  You have to drive yourself. 


No matter how you decide to arrive at your prom, here are a few things to consider:

  • Decide early – that way if you need to reserve a vehicle, you have some options
  • Make sure everyone is on board with the decision
  • Get pictures – you will treasure them later in life
  • If you drive, put down the phone and put 100% concentration into driving – you owe it to yourself and fellow motorists
  • Party responsibly

If you are in need of a quote for prom services, please drop us an email (info@totallimo.com) or give us a call (651)-770-5668